Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Sabbath Moment

Today Brent was sick and I went to church without him. I thought church with a baby was hard until I had to do it without reinforcements. I had to direct the choir during Sacrament meeting and the hymns in Relief Society. There were lots of helpful people around willing to hold the baby while I led music and carted heavy bags around. Unfortunately, the baby wanted no one but mommy.

As I was wrestling with a fussy baby for three hours today I began to wonder why I do this anyway. I can now understand what motivates young mothers to stop coming to church, especially if they don't have the support of their husband. Emma leaned over to me during Sacrament meeting and asked me if I get anything out of the services anymore. Of course I don't. But I go because it is right to go.

I was struggling with the baby's restlessness in Relief Society and after the practice hymn I excused myself to feed her. She fell asleep, wonder of all wonders! I was able to go back to my meeting and hold a precious sleeping Baby Jenny and actually get something out of the lesson. It was a sweet moment: an exquisite child in my arms and the Spirit in my heart. It wasn't much, but it was enough to make me grateful. In that moment, life was peaceful. In that moment there was joy.