Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Am Such a Slacker!

Some of my devoted readers may not yet know that Brent was let go from his job about a month ago. The financial industry, as I'm sure you all know, is suffering right now, and his bank had 10% layoffs. His job was made redundant and all his duties absorbed by the parent company, based in NYC. We got a very generous severance package, and Brent already has a new job lined up; they're just not quite ready to take him on yet (it's with a new bank currently in organization).

So basically Brent's Christmas bonus this year was several months paid vacation, rather than any sort of monetary supplementation. We're not complaining, because the gift of time is just as valuable in my ways.

My problem is that ever since he came home full time, I have turned into a total slacker. I am guilt-ridden about this, because as a woman and a mother, I am usually full of guilt for one thing or another. We have to have an excuse for all our self-loathing, right? :)

Brent is SuperDad and SuperHusband. He cooks. He cleans. He feeds the baby and lays her down for naps. He entertains her and plays with her and takes care of her so I can lay about moaning or go out to lunch with my mom.

I have completely lost my routines that used to be so grounding for me. I feel lost every day, knowing what I should be doing, but not finding the motivation to do it. In the past, when Brent went to work on Monday morning, it sort of felt like I was going to work too. I immediately started bustling about, full of productive energy. Now I sit listlessly wishing I had the self-discipline to fold the laundry.

In other news, I had my first prenatal appointment a couple of days ago. My midwife is wonderful and I'm so excited to go to her. She was rather surprised at the size of my uterus, and thinks I'm further along than I do. I keep really good records on my calendar and know without doubt that I'm 12 weeks along. I told her that, but she still thinks something is up.

She recommended that I have an early ultrasound to measure the baby and see what technology says my due date is. Because we all know that technology is infallible and much more accurate than the human brain, right?

There are eight sets of twins in my neighborhood, so I told Brent that there must be something in the water here and I'm having twins, which is why my uterus is measuring large. Oh, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.


Lissa said...

I wanted twins! I think I'm the only woman crazy enough to have been disappointed when there was only one baby ;)

My best friend was about to finalize an adoption when she found out that she was finally pregnant as well. She still went through with the adoption and now she has two babies that are six months apart. (She's also a paraplegic which has it's own boat load of challenges.) Needless to say, she's been going a little nuts this year, so in retrospect I'm glad I only had one baby. It looks really hard to juggle two.

I know what you mean about superdad. My husband is the same way, so every weekend Rosie and I get totally off our schedule. I'm glad your husband found a new job. My husband's company works closely with the auto industry, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Now that I've written you a novel, I'll just say thanks for the encouraging words! It's too bad we didn't know we had so much in common back in the day. But is there anything worse than being a teen-aged girl? Heaven help us in about 12 years!

Take care,

shelley said...

twins. gasp.

Hamaker Love said...

Haha! I PRAY for twins. I want a big family, but being pregnant is not my fave. We shall see.:)

Steph Wynder said...

Measuring larger than normal - those words sound awfully familiar as a mother of one of those 8 sets of twins - that is how it all started for us! What are the odds that there could be 9 sets of twins? Our theory is that the older you are when you get married (referring to Brent of course, not you, Maren!) the more likely you are to have twins since you got a little bit later start. You will definitely have to keep us posted . . . 2 for 1 isn't such a bad deal!

The Spendloves said...

Hee Hee... I would have to laugh if you're having twins as well. In the words of my midwife, who works at the same practice as yours, "It could be twins, but probably a growth spurt." Oh and this is after I had a super quick ultrasound at my first appointment to find the heartbeat. And we only saw one heartbeat. So even if your ultrasound only shows one, I wouldn't get too comfortable.

Jennifer and Nathan said...

I've been counting and recounting...who are the 8 sets of twins!! I'm at 6!