Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I'm Wondering

Why are people inconsiderate, inflexible, and unprofessional? Don't they want my money?

When battling my bossy almost-three-year-old, why do I sometimes have difficulty remembering that I am the grownup and act accordingly?

When I know it's good for me, why don't I do it?


shelley said...

because people are selfish and greedy.

because we're not really all grown up, we're just pretending.

because in the moment happy is easier.

I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.

Susan said...

And I'M wondering why when I want to get something, the salesperson wants me to always get more things. Even at the auto club, where I went to just get some maps and tour books, the lady wanted to sell me AAA insurance and also upgrade my membership. WHY don't businesses realize people are sick to death of all this??? AAUGH!