Sunday, September 4, 2011

You'd Better Write That One Down

said everyone I told this story to.

Jenny's room is a disaster. She doesn't know where to put her plethora of toys and they always end up strewn all over the floor. So I hauled out some boxes and gave her a specific place for each type of toy.

Big box for dress-ups. Little box for dress-up accessories. Big drawer for tea party toys. Big drawer for barbies. Little drawer for Pollys. Etc.

It took both of us nearly two full hours of working constantly to get her room clean and organized. And the whole time it was a delight. Primarily because of her attitude.

Thrilled with the novelty of organization and pleased to have some one-on-one time with her mommy, Jenny sang the whole time.

(To the tune of Row, Row, Row You Boat)

I love Mommy. She is so very fun.
And she loves me to.
I love my mommy.

She sang it over and over, with minor improvised variations.

She'd sing a verse, then pause to pick up a toy. "Oh! Polly stuff! So cute!" Then she'd sing a verse as she put the polly stuff away.

I love Mommy. I love her very much.
Because she is so fun
And she teaches me stuff.

I pulled her bed away from the wall and underneath she discovered two rag dolls I had made her that she has named Jenny and Jasmine.

"Jenny! Jasmine!" She clutched them to her bosom. "I missed you so much!" Then she cradled them and looked into their little painted faces. "I will take such good care of you."

Then off she'd trot to put them away.

My mommy is so fun and she is so great.
I love her very much
And she loves me too.

Since then we've turned the song into a call and response.

Me: I love Jenny. She is my pretty girl.
Jenny: And I love you too, you are the best mommy.

Try it with your little one. I highly recommend it.


Jennifer said...

So, so cute! She is such a clever girl.

I think kids really do love organizing. When Logan sees a play fruit fraternizing with the blocks he quick to point it out and wants to remedy the situation asap.

Josh & Kimberlee said...

Awe... After reading this I am suddenly so excited for Asher to talk!