Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Jenny's 1st birthday. We had her aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents come over for cake and ice cream. I spent the day getting ready for the very low-key and simple party. I was at the party store buying balloons when I spied a plethora of "first birthday" merchandise. Suddenly everything I had planned seemed inadequate. I had baked a yummy cake, but it didn't have any cartoon characters on it. I bought balloons to color-coordinate with Jenny's dress, but there was no theme! Do I need streamers? What about matching paper plates, napkins, and plasticware? This is my first time throwing a birthday party as a mom, and I'm going to be a failure!

Then I reminded myself of my big sister's first experience throwing a birthday party for her first-born. She made individual Mickey Mouse cakes for everyone and frosted them laboriously. I helped her and I remember her stress level that afternoon. She has since learned her lesson, but every birthday party still she has a theme, and somehow, miraculously, the cake always matches the theme (thank you Costco). Now my sister will be the first to admit that she is a classic over-doer when it comes to projects like these, but will I be able to be so self-aware as my mommy-coordinated events continue? Perhaps I can find the balance that eludes so many moms.

In the end the party wasn't fancy and it didn't last long. But the cake was yummy, the pictures are cute, and Jenny will never remember it. Mission accomplished.


Emily said...

"My Mummy doubts me too?" is my favorite. I call it Jenny's "Are those real diamonds?" appraisal expression.

shelley said...

The fact that you color coordinated the balloons to her outfit means you have joined the ranks.

And I'll have you know the cakes weren't always Costco, they were always home-made until the past few years as my overdoing has begun to simplify somewhat. Your yummy cake inspires me to cut back on the decorations instead of cake quality for the next birthday.

Thank you for your good example. Thank you for all the help you gave me decorating 24 Mickey head cakes. And thank you for not recruiting me to help you do the same.

Aimee said...

Wow, Jenny's eyes are so beautifully blue!

So, by the time our 3rd child came around, this is how we celebrated her first birthday: We were in the middle of moving between Connecticut and Arizona, and staying in temporary housing. We'd spent a long day at church and had just enough energy for an easy meal and a chocolate sheet cake with her name spelled out in M&M's on top. She opened her first present, a toy cell phone, and was mad at us for the rest of the night for trying to take the cell phone away so she would open her other gifts. We finally just opened the rest of the presents for her and called it good!

I think you're doing pretty great - those stores are excellent at making one feel like they need to buy more to be a better parent! :)

Jennifer and Nathan said...

Maren, your baby is so beautiful. I just realized that I've never seen Jenny! I'll have to stop by when I'm in the neighborhood next. It was good to hear from you on my blog! Take care and I'll see you soon!