Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jenny Signs

I captured on video our wee one demonstrating the signs she has learned. Sorry about the lighting. I tried to recreate it with better lighting, but then she wouldn't perform, so this is what you get. She is learning so fast!


Emily said...

This killed me! She is amazing. I didn't know she knew banana! And she was so happy to say "mama". I love you and your little girl. She is something very special. I can't believe she just sat and did them all! Perhaps she will inherit her mommy's performing flare.

Wendy said...

She's amazing! As mom my would say, "That Jenny is so smart, she must take after the Jensens."

Yes, my mom said that to me, about the time Ethan was when he was about Jenny's age. Mind you, I'm a Jensen just like you (by marriage). How come my mom didn't say he took after me???? That's my mom for you!

Emily said...

i am ready for a new post, missy.

The Spendloves said...

Hey girl - found your blog off of Jen and Nate Kay's. Sorry about the allergies and epi pens. I don't look forward to the possibility of that with the boys considering Shawn's life threatening allergy to all nuts. And as a result I haven't had nuts since their birth in case they go through breast milk. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER and it's killing me. Good thing I love my children more.

As for the signing... I've always wanted to do it. I'll have to get tips from you.