Friday, August 15, 2008

Poor Baby - Hee Hee

I was busy getting dressed when I heard a wail come from the bathroom.

I ran in and saw Baby Jenny perched on the open seat of the toilet. She had put a rubber duck in the bowl and decided she wanted to get it out of the bowl, but of course she couldn't reach far enough. So she climbed up.

Her climbing has just recently taken off, and I'm always amazed at her latest feat.

So there she was, feet on one side of the toilet seat, hands on the other, crouched over what to her must feel like a bottomless pit of water. And, oh, the bewildered expression on her face of "How in the world did I get into this horrible predicament? I don't know what to do! Help! Help!" was priceless.

I busted up laughing, which made her cry harder. Guess it's naptime.

Oh man, I wish I had had my camera handy.


Wendy Jensen said...

I was just going to say I wish you had a camera ready. Cute.

Lucky me, my boys were never big climbers.

Jennifer and Nathan said...

You might want to put a gate around that toilet!