Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fetal Nickname

You know how celebrities tend to name their children really strange things? (Like Apple. Honestly, Apple?)

Well, I want some gender-neutral nickname so I can refer to my baby. I think Apple makes a great fetal nickname, but not a great actual name. I'm thinking that celebrity babies may provide good inspiration for finding such a nickname.

I know a girl who called her baby Juicy. When I first heard it I thought she was nuts. But it grew on me. Then the baby was born and she officially named him Juicy. I will reserve my opinion on that one. But I promise to give my child a normal name regardless of what I call them in utero.

Any suggestions?


Jennifer and Nathan said...

At work we called it the "womb name." I let the people at work come up with names then I got to decide. The finalist were Octomus Prime or Wasabi. Logan was formally known as Wasabi. When I go visit the gallery people still call him Wasabi. I loved the idea of a womb name because my growing belly was too distracting to ignore. Plus calling him "parasite," although accurate, seemed ungrateful. Can't wait to hear what you choose!

Lissa said...

I'm convinced that the child is not actually named Apple, but that it's just a name given to the press to protect her privacy. Who would actually name their kid Apple?

We called our baby Tabby (TBA) as in to be announced later.

Kate said...

Never had a clever womb name. How about something like Punk? Or maybe Punky to make it seem a little more endearing. Kids are punks so of course it's the first thing that came to mind.

I think a vegetable name makes more sense than a fruit. Potato? Onion? Funyon? Dorito? Twinkie? I think it might be time for a snack.

We all know you'll pick something all thinky and smart and literary. How about Pip?

Jennifer and Nathan said...

Pip is a great womb name!!