Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 30th birthday. I spent this morning reflecting on my 20s and all that I did and learned during that time. Here's a brief recap.

In my 20s I:

  • broke up with a man I thought I wanted to marry (thank goodness)
  • served a mission
  • moved 23 times
  • had 36 roommates
  • went on countless first dates (many of which were blind)
  • went on very few second dates
  • attended two higher education institutions, earning more credits than anyone should have to for an undergraduate degree
  • sang in 8 choirs
  • conducted 9 choirs
  • purchased several polyester black concert dresses
  • ate hundreds of bagels, bowls of marshmallow mateys, and plates of pasta
  • drove 3 cars
  • had 4 voice teachers
  • had 3 piano teachers
  • learned I have no idea how many arias, art songs, cantatas, oratorios, octavos, etc.
  • briefly learned to play the violin, viola, flute, clarinet, recorder, snare drum, trumpet, french horn, alto saxophone, guitar, and various other instruments. I was rubbish at all of them, except maybe the clarinet. And perhaps the guitar.
  • held 11 callings
  • had 12 jobs
  • taught a couple hundred kids music
  • helped take care of my mom when she got sick
  • married a man who is the perfect husband for me
  • learned how to fix a variety of home-maintenance issues
  • conceived, carried, birthed, and cared for a little girl
  • conceived and began to carry a little boy
I imagine that in the next decade those numbers will change dramatically. I'm sure the list at the end of the next ten years will reflect thousands of peanut butter sandwiches made, and hopefully my roommates will be less transient. My 20s were good. I am glad they are over. I look forward to what my 30s will bring. I am lucky enough to be able to say that I am living Plan A. My life at this point has turned out just as I had always hoped. How many people can say that?


Lissa said...

happy birthday!

Hamaker Love said...

Happy Birthday!
Don't forget you had a sweet action summer as a EFY counselor with the best roommate ever for your first week.:)

Jaclyn said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday!

Wendy said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Maren dear. We're so glad you and Brent are perfect for each other. Thanks for sharing some of your achievements with us. I never realized you were such a mobile person.

Andrea said...

Maren, came to your blog from FB. Happy belated birthday. I, too, am hitting 30 this year, eek! Congrats on the pending birth of the baby boy!

shelley said...

Welcome to the 30's. It ain't all bad.