Friday, April 10, 2009


I truly have the world's best sisters. I know of a family where all the sisters are total drama queens and either hate each other or hate their parents. Half the family is estranged from one another and they act in mean and spiteful ways.

Then I think about my sisters and am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Shelley . . .
is freaking gorgeous.
is a wonderful confidante.
will do anything you need.
goes the extra mile when serving you.
spends time she doesn't have when a sister needs her.
is a master multi-tasker.
is fiercely devoted to family.
continually seeks to improve herself.
is a craft master and home improvement specialist.
gives of herself more than anyone I know, but doesn't realize it.

Jessica . . .
is freaking gorgeous.
is an excellent conversationalist.
is an incredible example of love and patience.
serves endlessly, far beyond most people's limits.
uses her resources more wisely than anyone else.
is an anchor of faithfulness.
makes me want to be a better person.
is well read and intelligent and interesting.
makes any gathering more fun and loving.
has a great appreciation of beauty.

Katie . . .
is freaking gorgeous.
is hardworking and diligent.
is more highly educated than any of the rest of us girls.
is devoted to the Lord.
always strives to do her best.
never gives up.
looks incredible in everything she wears.
wants to be of service and live a higher law.
is patient and long-suffering.
is hil-a-ri-ous .

Emma . . .
is freaking gorgeous.
is totally unique.
is intelligent and talented and generally otherwise amazing.
is sweet and loving and tender and caring.
loves her family intensely.
will do whatever she can for you.
pushes herself and pushes herself.
is one of the funniest people I know.
astounds me with her creativity.
is a kindred spirit that everyone loves.

Annie . . .
is freaking gorgeous.
is the total package.
gets it done and gets it done right.
is a go-getter.
is loyal and loving.
continually sets and achieves higher and higher goals.
works hard and plays hard and then works some more.
can hold her own wherever she goes and in whatever she attempts.
always keeps a good perspective.
is kind to everyone, whether they deserve it or not.

Each one of my sisters is incredible and loves me and serves me continually. I could not do without any one of them. They are all have beautiful voices, and I love singing with them. I love doing pretty much anything with them. And did I mention how beautiful they all are?


Dirk 'n Juli said...

So, I'm not your sister? *Sniff* Ok, I see how it is... :(

shelley said...

is freaking gorgeous.
has the best hair of anyone I know plus the knowhow to do anything with it.
is strong.
is a great mom to her mensa baby.
is talented, musical, creative and handy around the house.
is one chic mama.
is a great friend.
calls it like she sees it, which can be gross or funny or slightly over the top, but almost always spot on.

Wendy said...

You must not be feeling very great. Either that or terribly nesting. You haven't posted in a month! I miss hearing from you. I hope all is well and you guys are coming to Bryan's party.