Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pregnancy Update

As of today I am 33 weeks +3 days pregnant. Where did my time go? I'm not complaining, oh no, not at all. I'm thrilled to be so close to meeting my little JJ. I am, however, starting to hit that point in pregnancy where there is more discomfort than delight.

I can't sleep well, though that's not really a change. It's just that now the poor sleeping is accompanied by aching hips and reflux. As my pelvis loosens at the seams I feel very unsteady whenever I get up from sitting or reclining. Plus the pressure of my uterus and all it contains makes whichever hip I'm laying on HURT!

I'm able to walk less, carry less, accomplish less, etc. I can't hold Jenny like she wants me too, and I feel bad about that. Poor little girl. Her world is going to be rocked when James arrives. Hopefully she'll be excited about the prospect of being a helpful big sister rather than feeling totally displaced.

I went for a hike with Brent and Jenny a week or two ago. I went maybe three miles and the first half was pretty steep switch-backs. I went slow, took it easy, and was able to just make it.

Today I went for a walk on a flat, paved path and could hardly hold my own body up. We went maybe one mile. I need to get back into my prenatal yoga; it helps so so so much with energy and discomfort.

The positive aspects of pregnancy are significant enough that I don't really mind the uncomfortable bits too much. For one thing, pregnancy completely eliminates my chronic migraines. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!!!! I do occasionally have a tension headache, but it is always much milder than when I'm not pregnant. Also, the normal back pain and other fibromyalgia related junk I have to put up with is also greatly minimized. I figure God realizes that pregnancy is enough to deal with and he blesses me by temporarily removing my other physical obstacles. I am grateful.

As an aside, I think that all parking lots should not only have handicapped spaces, but senior citizen and expectant mommy spaces reserved as well. Anyone want to sign a petition?


Dirk 'n Juli said...

I am SO excited for James to arrive! He will be just as adorable as baby Jenny! :) You are so lucky! Hope you can make it through the next few weeks. I can't even imagine not being able to sleep on my tummy. That would be hard. Let us know when you need a sitter for Jenny! We owe you one... :)

Wendy said...

I love the few stores that have the "expectant mothers" stall. I would even park there for the first few months after having the baby, it's hard to drag that baby carrier around.

katie king said...

When Justin and I were in Chile in February we saw expectant mommy parking spaces everywhere. We should take their example!