Saturday, July 5, 2008

Recent Happenings

Looking so very glam in her new pink sunglasses. We go on walks most evenings, and this particular time Jenny kept looking over at me about every 30 seconds with a very self-conscious smile on her face. She wanted to make sure that I saw how adorable she looked. Amazing that at 14 months old the girl has already learned how to accessorize and be vain.

Taking a bite of mama's turkey leg. It's almost as big as she is!

Posing with her cousins Shannen and Noelle. We had to do something while waiting for the tattoo to start at the Scottish Festival.

Having fun at the Scottish Festival.

Daddy loves his girlie!

I made this for Brent's Father's Day gift. His office is plain and bare, so I thought a picture of his daughter would make things a little nicer. Plus, his work life has been rather stressful as of late, so he needed something to look at occasionally to remind himself of what he's doing it all for. It helps to have an eternal perspective when you're climbing ladders and bringing home bacon.

Baby Jenny loves playing in her box of books and toys. Getting out the box and playing with the toys is not enough. She has to become one with the toys. She has to immerse herself fully. It is much more satisfying that way.

Having a snack in the woods. This was taken after our first hike of the season. We hiked to a Uintah yurt. It was a pretty walk and Baby Jenny loved seeing all the birds and dragonflies.

After our walk in the woods.

Our new roof. It used to be an ugly blackish color with almond colored gutters/soffit/fascia and had shingles missing in various places. Much better now. If we replace the old railing and plant a garden we will no longer be the ugliest house on the street. We're making progress - yea!

Well, that's all folks! That is what we've been up to the last several weeks. (Well, that's what I have pictures of us doing the last several weeks.)

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Jennifer and Nathan said...

Ok, Jenny is darling...not so crazy about the incredibly large turkey leg! I just never quite pictured Maren tearing into poultry like that! You never cease to amaze!