Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last weekend Brent, Baby Jenny, and I went camping with the Rasmussens. We went to Washington Lake off Hwy 150 in the Uintahs. Beautiful setting. It was so lovely to be in those mountains again. My three years of working summers up there have made the Uintahs my favourite place to go be outdoorsy. Not that I'm very outdoorsy in the athletic sense of the word. I don't rock climb. I don't backpack. I don't ride four wheelers or snowmobiles. I don't ski, water or snow.

So what exactly do I do in the great outdoors?

I walk. I identify and collect wildflowers. I throw rocks in lakes. I sit in the shade and read a favourite book or enjoy conversation with a loved one. I find solitude and peace and beauty. I meditate. I daydream. For me, all the toys are just noise that detract from the true joy that can be found in the mountains. I wish all those four wheelers would stick to the sand dunes, and leave my mountains alone.

This camping trip wasn't particularly restful for me, however. I spent the whole time cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Jenny. Notice that sleeping was not on that list. That's right. Camping with a baby = 2 hours cumulative sleep. It has taken me two full days to recover. Sure, the food was good and it was fun to be with my family, but I am absolutely exhausted. Who knew vacation could be this tiring? I bet my parents know, as do any parents who have ever vacationed with children before. This is how it's going to be for the next 20 years, isn't it? Exhausting vacation after exhausting vacation. I'm going to have to get away with just a sister or my sweet hubby once in a while, because family vacations just aren't going to do it for me.

On the other hand, I have such wonderful memories of camping as a child with my dad and sisters. I have great memories of going to Disneyland, Mesa Verde, Disneyland, and Disneyland again. I look forward to providing those same experiences for my children.

Tomorrow we leave for a week-long camping trip with the Jensens. I have loved these trips in the past three years I have been a member of the Jensen family. This year I'm going with a bit of trepidation (okay, a lot of trepidation) after my night with Jenny in a tent. I told Brent I reserve the right to go home Tuesday night if I'm miserable. I hope Baby Jenny adjusts to sleeping in a tent so we can happily stay for longer.

I have always mocked people who camp in a trailer or RV. I've always said that doesn't count as camping. Well, we'll see if at the end of this week I still feel that way.


Wendy Jensen said...

My mom offered for us to take her pop-up trailer again. Had I known that Jenny had such an adversion to tents, I would have brought it, just so you could sleep in it!

We'll all take turns with Jenny (granted her letting us) so you can at least get some naps in! See you at "Nearly Bear Lake".

Jennifer and Nathan said...

Hang in there, Maren! I'm sure you and Jenny will both adjust by the end of the week. Then you'll have to adjust back to civilized dwellings! She'll be back playing in the toilet!

Aimee said...

I so hear you on the camping with small children bit. It's really tough, but it does get better. My 5 and 8 year old are great now, but I'll be honest, we spent many hours in the middle of the night driving infants to sleep in the car around campgrounds before we got there.
You're a brave woman and I'm impressed! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Cammy said...

I am so glad I came across your blog. It is so fun to see what is going on in the lives of those we don't see very often.

Traveling of any kind with children can certainly be an adventure. Sometimes I come home from vacations or even a simple trip up to my parent's cabin and say to myself, "Was this worth the headache?" I just keep reminding myself that these are the times my children are going to remember and cherish. We are starting traditions. Okay so maybe Jenny won't remember them at this age but she will soon enough.

Best of luck on the next go around.
Cammy W.