Tuesday, November 4, 2008

About Brent

I got this off Jaclyn's blog, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write about my husband.

1. Where did you meet your husband? We met on a blind date. Thank you Noels!! And yes, they can work. It's amazing how you can go on a hundred terrible blind dates, swear them off forever, then agree to ONE more. Then you go to lunch one day, and it changes your life.

2. How long did you date before you married? About 7 months. We were engaged just after 3 months. I knew he was the one after about 2 weeks. When you've been looking as long as he and I had, it doesn't take you long to spot the real deal when it comes along.

3. How long have you been married? Just over 3 years.

4. What does he do that surprises you? I don't know that he does much to surprise me anymore. Perhaps the way he continues to tell the same bad jokes to me over and over.

5. What is his best feature? His dimple. Whenever he flashes me a smile with that dimple showing, I'm putty. Not to mention the rest of his Adonis-like physique. Drool. I have one hot husband.

6. What is your favorite quality of his? How hard-working he is and how much he loves our Jenny. I love to watch him playing with her.

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Sexy Lady.

8. What is his favorite food? Italian. (Real Italian, not the Olive Garden, which doesn't qualify as Italian.)

9. What is his favorite sport? Poker. (They play the world series of poker on ESPN, so yes, it is a sport.)

10. When & where was your first kiss? On our third or fourth date, in his driveway. I knew he was going to make his move that night, and I wasn't ready for it yet, so I was avoiding eye contact with him during the goodbye scene. Once we made it off the porch, I thought I was home free, but once I was sitting in my car, he rallied his courage. I gave him a tiny peck and shooed him off. Then I called him back and gave him a proper kiss. Then he said "That's what I was looking for."

11. Do you have any children? One daughter, 18 months old, and as adorable as they come. Can I brag about her too?

12. Does he have any hidden talents? He makes great carbonara. And he is fantastic at Krypto.

13. How old is he? 35

14. Who said I love you first? I'm not sure. He told me that every time he kissed me the song "I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of?" would run through his head. Does that count, even though he didn't say it flat out? I replied "Well, I know I love you." So I suppose it depends on your definition.

15. What is his favorite music? 80's Rock, I suppose. He also likes Mozart's operas, U2, the theme song to Rocky, and Con te Partiro.

16. What do you admire most about him? His devotion to his family and his sense of duty.

17. What is his favorite color? Red.

18. What's his favorite movie? He claims his top 5 are Casablanca, Life is Beautiful, Patton, Stand By Me, and The Mission. He also likes Reuben and Ed, and if you have seen it, I'm sorry.

19. What's his favorite song? Why is this question here after #15? He says he doesn't have a favourite song. Maybe Pet Shop Boys "Opportunities" except he says that he's got both the brains and the looks. Either that or "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." ;)

20. On a scale from 1 to 10 how romantic is he? Hmm. In the old sense of the word, not at all. In the typical American sense of the word, um, a 4? He is not spontaneously romantic. But when it is time to be romantic (holidays, anniversaries, etc.) he always comes up with something way better than me. He always gives me a massage when I ask, and he likes to cuddle during movies, and those are both pretty romantic to me. Plus he often does the dishes, and that is VERY romantic. Just ask any housewife.

21. Are you glad you married him? Yeah. I guess I'll keep him.

Tag to anyone who wants to brag about their husband.

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