Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Magic 8 Really Works!

I just asked the magic ball if Obama would win, and it said "It is decidedly so." Just a few minutes later, he was declared the winner.

Spooky. It really is magic. Maybe it will tell me that I will become independently wealthy someday.


Gentrey said...

I found your blog! I'm going to ask the magic 8 ball if our country really is doomed now that Obama is president.

I was told "You May Rely on it."

As if I didn't already know that. :(

Joanne said...

I asked the magic 8 ball if I was pregnant.....the answer came back "it is certain." I wondered whether it meant, it is certain that I AM, or that I AM NOT??? Well, turns out it's certain that I'm NOT. Sad day. Dumb magic 8 ball!