Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seriously, so blessed!

Do you ever

  1. Mentally take a red editing pencil to friends' and family members' emails or blog posts?
  2. Laugh or cringe at some blogging friends' overly enthusiastic writing style? (Oh my gosh, seriously, life has been SOOOO busy lately, but SOOO great too! I just love my hot hubby, he is the best EVER!)
  3. Do you believe that text-messaging spelling trends are an abomination? (U R so HOTT!)
  4. Enjoy a good satire?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then I have the blog for you. It's http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com. I don't know who writes it, but it is a scarily accurate satire on the entire mormon mommy blog culture that has cropped up. It makes me laugh. It makes me wince. It makes me wonder if my blogging is full of exaggerated happiness rather than truthful expressions of the good and the bad in my life.

I do believe in finding joy in simple things, counting your blessings, and being content with what you have. Hopefully I do those things. I equally hope that I don't write in any way like Tamn (the author of Seriously, so blessed!) does.

Enjoy the blog. It's hilarious.


Jennifer and Nathan said...

I never thought exclamation points could be so exhausting. In fact, I never want to use one again. Very funny, thanks for sharing. (I have intentionally not used exclamations twice since writing this. It was extremely challenging.)

Jennifer and Nathan said...

p.s. I like your poll.

Emily said...

Wow. Is it bad if ALL of the items on your list describe me? I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to seriouslysoblessed, savoring linguistic gems like "Lake Pal" and "for rills" and "I got a bikini but it's a totally modest one cuz I know who I am." I loved the five baby counters and Twilight countdown. I thought it couldn't get any better until I reached the bottom of the page, where lo and behold, there was a family bumper sticker.

I read a BYU 100 Hour Board post about a BYU professor who said that Mormon doctrine should be taught and honored and defended, but Mormon culture should be mocked as much as possible.

To that I say: Amen. For rills, you gize.

shelley said...

oh man. I don't know if I even want to blog anymore. puh-LEAZE tell me I don't rite like that.

Dirk 'n Juli said...

WTH? I NNEEVVVEEERRR seen anything SOOOO funny in my whole entire life!! :) ha ha I love that she can't even spell "Wednesday" correctly. Oh man....I wonder why some people are allowed to procreate