Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goings On

1. Last Friday, at seventeen weeks pregnant, I felt the baby move for the first time. That is always exciting. It happened while Brent and I were watching Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock. Not as a touching moment as when Emma felt her baby for the first time during the Tab Choir's performance of Suo Gan (the most beautiful lullaby EVER), but I was still happy with it.

It's nice being a second-time mom, because I was able to recognise the feeling as my baby a lot sooner this time around.

2. Last Sunday Jenny threw her first public tantrum. She has recently learned how to throw tantrums, and at church she showed me that she doesn't discriminate whether we're in public or not.

She has learned how to throw a fit, but I, as the grown-up, have not yet learned how to handle said fits. Ah. First-time-mom-of-a-toddler. Anyone have any tips for me?

3. Jenny is not puking so much anymore. She is eating better (as long as I feed her. She'll no longer put the food in her mouth unassisted. We've regressed.) She has traded these undesirable behaviors for giving up her sleep. She is crying when she is put down to sleep and waking up multiple times in the night screaming. It's really fun.

4. Today is Brent and my fourth first-date-iversary. Four years ago today we drove to Dick's Drive-In in Kamas, ate burgers and fries and black raspberry shakes, then drove up the canyon and went snow-shoeing.

Snacking whilst sitting on a snowbank together, Brent had a desire to "bust a move" as he puts it. He'd never had such an urge on a first date. I'm glad he didn't, because (although I was sort of feeling the vibe too) it would have instantly waved the "Player" flag and I wouldn't have wanted to go out with him again. (I've only been kissed on the first date once, and it was awful. That guy was nicknamed "the kissing bandit".)

So thanks to Laurie Noel who thought to set us up in the first place, Byron for planting the idea in Brent's head, Blane for reassuring Brent that I was worth a call despite the recommendation of a 16-year-old, and Katie and Mom for gently coercing me into agreeing to yet another blind date.

5. Today Brent and I took Jenny to the zoo. She has been once before, many months ago. She liked it then, but she LOVED it today. She loved the monkeys best, followed close by the turtles. She also loved the Amur leopard. When she saw it she kept roaring like a lion. Then she meowed like a cat over and over when she saw the lynx. Apparently the winter is when the big cats are the most active, so if you have a chance, go check it out. Last time we went the cats were all hiding.

It was a great visit. It was practically empty and the animals were very active and interested in us. (By the way, if funds are tight, the last Wednesday of the months Nov-Feb are free! One free day left this winter. Anyone want to go with me?)

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