Friday, July 31, 2009

Equal Opposition

A couple of days ago I spent my entire morning in one of three situations.

1. I was holding James and Jenny was crying/whining.
2. I was holding Jenny and James was screaming.
3. I was holding both Jenny and James and they were both screaming.

It wasn't very fun.

However, I suppose I needed the experience to balance the universe out from the morning I had the day before which was total bliss.

I was sitting in the basement watching Lion King with Jenny. I had one arm wrapped around her as she sat on my left leg. James was on my right leg and in my right arm nursing. He was happy. Jenny was happy. I was happy.

Jenny kept giggling and kissing James' toes and giving me hugs. She was so delightful and having the greatest time. I felt so incredibly grateful to be the mother of these two amazing kids.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by loved ones.

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