Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Spelling

Brent and I are really big fans of funky and unique spellings for traditional children's names. So even though Jennifer and James are relatively common and unimaginative names for our kids, we have decided to spell them in a fun way.

What is not commonly known is that we actually spell Jenny's name formally as "Gynyfyr".

We are now similarly trying to come up with a creative spelling for James' name. Please see the poll at the right to tell us what your favourite is.

(The 7 is silent.)

We are hoping that maybe we can come up with a spelling that is not only cute and unique, but could be used as a secure integrated password.

Tell us what you think!

Do you have any suggestions for us?



Emily said...

you naughty, naughty girl.

Steph Wynder said...

I think you should try and stick with a G for James then it would be like Gynyfyr - so maybe Gaymes - I would hate to have you break up the whole same beginning letter thing.

Lissa said...

you made me giggle out loud! One of my good friends had her baby this morning, so I thought I would check on you...

shelley said...

I thought of one. You know the /j/ sound in the word edge? how about dgenufir and dgaemz.

Gentrey said...

For a second I actually believed you.