Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bedroom Declutter

It is time, once again, to purge.

Today I spent 30 minutes in my bedroom clearing out my closet and dresser.

I threw out/gave away

  • 4 wire hangers (at least there weren't any clothing on them getting stretched out at the shoulders)
  • 8 pairs of shoes (ugly, old, scuffed, don't fit anymore, still cute but never did fit well enough, hurt my feet, always make me trip, etc.)
  • a bunch of clothes (mostly shirts that look nasty on me, but that I've hung onto anyway just in case I magically drop 3 cup sizes)
  • 1 old digital camera (probably could be fixed but I'm not smart enough to do it and we have a new one anyway)
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses (bent and crooked, was cute 5 years ago)
  • 1 purse (sort of cute, but not cute enough Kate Spade knock-off)
  • 1 nasty old pillow (the best pillow I've ever had and now that it's worn out I can't sleep very well at night and my neck and shoulders always hurt when I wake up. I've tried to find an adequate replacement 3 times, but haven't yet found one as good.)
  • Assorted trash that just seems to accumulate on flat surfaces and in drawers

I also put away most of my maternity clothing. I kept the pants out. I still can't fit into my regular pants, and I refuse to buy a size bigger than my current fat-pants, so until I can fit into them, maternity pants or stretchy pants it is.

I feel so virtuous. I love getting rid of stuff.

Tomorrow I'll do the bathroom.

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