Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Blessing Day

James was blessed this past Sunday. We had tons of family there and it was nice to share the day with all the people I love.

Jenny was sick and lethargic, hence the not so happy girl in the photo.

James was perfect and beautiful. During the blessing Grandpa Rasmussen was on bico duty to keep James happy and fuss-free. (Bico is what we call a binky in my family.) Then James slept the rest of the day.
Thanks to all who came.


Emily said...

Glad you had a happy day. Sorry Jenny was sick. Wish we could have been there.

What is this shirt and/or dress you wear? I want one. Give me details.

I will not ask about the shirt Brent is wearing. It is a style I see in my husband's closet all too often.

The Laubs said...

I'm sorry I missed it. Devin's been home sick all weekend too. I hope everything goes ok with Brent out of town. Let us know if you need anything while he's gone.