Friday, September 25, 2009

We Miss Brent

Brent's been out of town again this week. He gets home tonight around 2130-2200, but since that's after Jenny's bedtime I told her he's coming home tomorrow.

This morning when I got her up the very first words out of her mouth were "Daddy go?"

Here was our conversation:

Jenny: Daddy go?

Mama: He's in Connecticut. He'll be home tomorrow.

Jenny: And I can hold him.

Mama: Yes

Jenny: And I can hold Daddy.

Mama: Yes

Jenny: Daddy come home and I can hold DADDY!

We miss our man.

1 comment:

Jennifer & Nathan Kay said...

She's too cute...and apparently very strong!
It was so good to walk and talk this morning. We made really good time! It must've been your new stroller. It was sending a definite "turbo-speed" vibe that I had to keep up with.