Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Thank You Note

Dear Santa,

Thank you for visiting our home recently.

James would like to thank you for the rattle and teething ring. He slept through Christmas morning, but Jenny was more than happy to assist opening his gifts. Now that he has discovered he has hands, he is always looking for something to hold. Those little gifts fit perfectly in his tiny fingers and they taste good too.

Jenny would like to thank you for the beautiful butterfly bicycle and Dora the Explorer helmet. She is still learning how to push forward with her feet, rather than back, thus activating the braking system. She can get on and off the bike by herself, and loves to ride it up and down the hallway. Come Spring she will be a pro and will love the extra space she'll get riding it outside.

Brent would like to thank you for the backgammon attache. It suits him perfectly and he has spent hours stroking its fine leather and admiring the inlaid pips. The custom dice holder is a nice touch, and the dice cups are just right. He is glad he now has a board worthy of his brass doubling cube, which he has put in a satin pouch and put with the board. He hopes that you won't be offended that he has replaced the doubling cube you gave him. He has also traded out the balanced dice you gave him with some of his own that are personalized with his initials. He chose dice that coordinate with the colour of the pips. The whole thing looks custom done and is of such high quality that he is so excited! Now he really does need to participate in the backgammon tournament in Vegas next year.

I would like to thank you for my new MacBook. (Thank you, thank you!) It was very unexpected, as I understand your budget doesn't usually allow for such extravagant gifts. It was fun to get such a surprise. Perhaps I will use it to write the next best-selling teen pulp fiction novel and we can make it a tax write off.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent time with loving family, and that is always the best part. That and the food. The food was really good.

Hope your Christmas was just as delightful and filled with joy.




♥cheri said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas. PS. I love my MacBook too, though I bought it last summer and not for Christmas. :)

Wendy said...

Here's a place to start. Okay, it's not until November, but goals are good, right?

Gentrey said...

Please, please, please write a best-selling teen pulp fiction novel.