Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun with Food Allergies

So Jenny's wheat allergy is negligible. I've considered it so for a while anyway, so that's not real news.

Jenny's egg allergy is somewhat improved. We can try giving her eggs and see if she tolerates it. Just need to keep the epi-pen handy in case she can't.

Peanut allergy is worse. No definitive news yet, but she'll likely have this allergy for the rest of her life.

No tree nut allergies. Yea! She can have almond butter and almond milk now. And I don't have to keep her away from the pistachios either.

Her milk allergy is also worse. However, she may tolerate milk cooked into things and cooked cheese. We'll only know if we try it. A little scary, but potentially worth while.

Good times.


JaeReg said...

Dear Person In Charge -

The Rasmussen family would like to submit a formal petition in behalf of our beloved little Jenny.

Could You possibly see fit to alter what must be altered within her such that ice cream can be a part of her future? And I'm not talking that soy stuff - I mean the Haagen-Dazs experience, in all its glory. Not to mention Dubliner Cheddar, strawberries and cream, real yogurt, even just a glass of cold milk with a piece of chocolate cake.

I would even be willing to give up one of these delights myself in exchange for Jenny being able to tolerate a few drops from yonder udder. I've had several years to indulge in creamy pleasures. Although, I must admit, mine is not true altruism - I'd only be willing to give up one milk product. Like, say...cottage cheese, which I do actually like, but feel I could live without. If this is not a sufficient sacrifice on my part I am open to some degree of negotiation.

In Jenny's defense, it must be acknowledged that being allergic to dairy is downright un-English, and we Rasmussens so desperately like to think ourselves English. For the sake of this familial delusion we unitedly ask that Jenny "grow out" of her milk allergy really fast.

By next Saturday maybe.

Thank You most sincerely,

All Rasmussens, former Rasmussens, people married to and birthed by Rasmussens.


We are HamakerLove! said...

I am excited for you to get your family herbalist certification. I have been learning some really interesting things about allergies. I am not sure which program you are doing, but Dr.Christopher is the one I am participating in and it is really good, reliable stuff. BJ has gotten rid of his seasonal allergies, and I am working on my stuff too. Anyways, there is hope!