Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Miss My Husband

Brent has been working 12 hour days lately. He gets up, drags himself to the office, works straight through all the daylight hours, then comes home, grabs a quick dinner, reads me the scriptures, and goes to bed. He's also had to work a few hours on weekends as well.

Last night he came home at 6:45! That is the earliest I've seen him in a long time. Of course, the only reason he was home that early is because he had to teach a merit badge to the scouts at 7:00. Drat those scouts! I think I'm finally rid of them plaguing my life and stinking up my house, and they're back. Plus they steal my husband from me the one night he manages to get home at a reasonable hour.

He will leave on Sunday afternoon for NYC where he will be for three weeks, coming home late Friday nights and leaving again Sunday afternoons. At least I'll see him then. My poor, overworked husband.

I am caught between two emotions: self-pity and sympathy. I feel lonely in the evenings and wait anxiously for his return. I am so exhausted by the end of the day that I just want him to walk in the door and take charge of the baby and clean the kitchen for me. Of course I realize that he's been hard at work all day and would probably like nothing better than to walk in the door to a yummy dinner, a clean house, a loving wife and a happy baby. I try to give that to him, but I don't always succeed.

While I could wallow in the melancholia that this situation often produces in me, I am trying to have a different outlook. I should be grateful that I have a husband that I want to be with. I'm grateful that we love each other enough and have such a good relationship that we miss each other. I'm grateful that he has such a well paying job so that I can stay home with the baby. I'm grateful that he's hardworking and willing to do what's necessary for me to stay home, rather than being an unemployed or underemployed sloth who plays Halo all day long. I am richly blessed, and with that focus I'll get through the next few weeks and potentially months that this will continue.

In the meantime, drop me an email or come visit me so I'm not so lonely, okay?

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Jenni said...

I love ya Maren. Call me or shoot me a message anytime and we will have girlie time!