Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Music Time

I just started teaching Kindermusik classes again, and today was my first class. I had a bunch of kids from my neighborhood in it, plus my childhood friend Becca Hodgkinson enrolled her toddler. It was so fun to see her there with her son.

I had a basement full of moms and kids running around. We sang songs, played instruments, danced, played pretend trains, etc. The children adjusted much quicker than I thought they would, and it was a successful class. I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Baby Jenny was angelic the whole time. I put her in her play saucer and she just watched and was perfectly content. That was a bit of a relief, because I wasn't sure how she would respond and if she'd let me teach. She's great during piano lessons, but that's just one kid sitting still, not eight children running around.

Tomorrow I teach an older class, and my niece Noelle will be there. It is so fun to have her and Shelley come for music time on a regular basis. I hadn't realized how much I've missed it, since I stopped teaching once I was too pregnant to get up and down, on and off the floor several times in succession.

It sure is nice finally to be more mobile. The baby is getting more independent, which frees me up. And my body is back to normal (normal for me, anyway) so I have the energy and flexibility I need to teach these classes. I'm grateful for the blessing of falling into a new routine. I thrive under structure, and these classes help with that. There's probably some great metaphor for life in that: something about how keeping the commandments is freeing rather than restricting. Something to ponder another time.

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