Monday, January 11, 2010

James - 6 Months

My baby is six months old. How the time flies!

Here is a list of his accomplishments, habits, and tastes.
  1. He is an accomplished roller (just back to front. He can't get back yet.)
  2. He is an accomplished grasper. I must always have a toy handy and try to keep them out of Jenny's ever snatching hands.
  3. He loves milkies.
  4. He loves his swing.
  5. He loves to lie on his back and wiggle around, trying to reach whatever is lying nearby.
  6. He likes to use his toys as a hammer. He frequently hits himself on the head.
  7. He loves his big sister. He will watch her endlessly.
  8. He prefers his lion rattle to his elephant rattle.
  9. He makes gutteral moans when he's tired.
  10. His smiles continue to have the power to melt the hardest man's heart.

Thanks to Shelley for the beautiful photos of my boy.


Jenn said...

He is such a beautiful boy! And Shelley did a great job. These are darling photos.

Steph Wynder said...

He is so dang cute! I am glad he is my "primary friend!"

Susan said...

Maybe he has your eyes! All of your genes must not be recessive.