Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tender Mercies

I am grateful . . .
  1. that the bludgeoning sensation in my skull only lasts as long as the coughing does.
  2. that the sweats and chills are subdued somewhat during the daytime
  3. for Baby Signing Time dvds and for PBS kids for entertaining my children so I can supervise them with minimal effort and feel like at least they're learning something while I rot their brains out.
  4. for a husband who will come home, feed the toddler, clean the kitchen, and bounce the baby while I lay down.
  5. for a baby who delightfully decides to be content today.
  6. for a toddler throwing fewer tantrums and being more helpful than usual today.
  7. that an entire week of this nasty flu is behind me, so that I am closer to the end than the beginning of my suffering. Supposedly.
  8. that I slept the better part of 13 hours last night.
  9. for frozen dinners.
  10. For the capacity to have multiple windows open at once so Jenny can watch home videos and I can blog simultaneously.
While you may think my tone is sarcastic, let me clarify (since the written word can be confusing on tone sometimes.) I am absolutely sincere. When feeling like you want to die, you count your blessings where you can. I am truly grateful my suffering is not worse. It could be, so easily.


Gentrey said...

Thanks for clarifying that you were not being sarcastic. I thought that I was reading my own blog there for a second.

Hope you feel better soon.

JaeReg said...

On the up-side Jenny is a budding portraitist. So her brain can't be all rot...not even a little rot really. Perhaps sometimes a wee bit rotten - as two-year-olds do. The whining and all that. Otherwise delicious is Jenny - brain and body.

I was confused for a minute by the phrase "multiple windows open at once", envisioning windows cut into the walls between each room in your house. How terribly provincial of me. And clever of you; to open multiple windows. I just keep telling them to "go away until I'm done" with my single-minded-maximum screen-ness.

I'm sorry you're sick. You didn't sound well on Saturday. May you heal quickly, and may your children be spared. Amen

Susan said...

Next year you might want to get a seasonal flu shot.