Friday, January 11, 2008

9 months

Jenny had her nine month visit at the pediatrician's office a couple of days ago. She was perfectly healthy in every way. She has never had a cold or an ear infection, or anything (knock on wood). The only problem we have had is her plugged tear duct. Her right eye still hasn't cleared and the doctor said that if it doesn't fix itself in the next three months then she'll have to have surgery. Here's hoping we won't have to do that; I can't bear the thought of putting such a small baby under general anesthesia. She has dropped to the 10th percentile in height and weight, which is odd for a baby as tall as she has been so far. But she's still in the 50th percentile in head circumference. Looks like she's got a Big Danish Head after all.

I can't believe she's already nine months! I feel like I just brought her home. Next thing I know she'll be headed off to school and dance lessons. I keep telling her to stop growing so I can enjoy the baby stage longer, but she won't listen. I was recently looking at some of her newborn photos and I can't believe how different she looks!

Here's a look at how the darling looks now. Soon I'll take her for her 9 month portrait, and I'll post those when they're developed.

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Emily said...

yay for da beebee! she does seem to be quite grown up now when you juxtapose those pictures. i luff her.