Monday, January 14, 2008

Infant & Feline Interface

When Baby Jenny first arrived in our home, Loki mostly just ignored her; occasionally he would walk over, sniff her head, then walk away with disdain. Now that the baby is mobile she often commando-crawls over to the kitty. She loves petting him (code for pulling out his fur). I thought I was going to have to protect the baby from the cat, but it's the other way around!

Today I was nursing the baby and Loki came in needing some lap-time too. So he jumped up on the chair I was sitting in an meowed loudly at me for a few minutes. He succeeded in distracting the baby from her breakfast and in irritating me. I figured I had extra room on my lap, so I patted the vacant spot, indicating that Loki should make himself comfortable. He stopped meowing and curled up with his back up against the baby's back.

Jenny liked that. She was able to nurse without distraction and pet the soft fur at the same time. She just reached behind herself and started stroking Loki's silky back. He purred. She would have too, if she could, I imagine.


Roane said...

Loki, Jenny, and all of us are lucky to have you; I am sure we would all purr around you if it didn't make us all fee awkward.

Jenni said...

How can anyone resist Jenny! What a cutie. As for Loki, I just love his meow.

I also agree with Roane's fantastic comment...purrrr... er.. sorry..