Thursday, January 3, 2008

Teething Sorrows

Our delightful Jenny is teething and consequently was exceedingly fussy yesterday (and today, I might add.) The poor thing is uncomfortable and can only find solace in mummy's continuous presence. My being in the same room is not good enough for her, however. My lying on the floor next to her and playing with her is also not good enough. She is only happy nursing or in my arms while I walk around. No sitting down for me, or she immediately begins to cry or act like she's going to hyperventilate (it would be cute if it wasn't so sad).

After our very long and challenging day, Brent came home from work that evening. It was his first day back after the very long holiday he took for Christmas, and we missed him sorely all day. When he walked in and Jenny saw him, she immediately began lunging forward, throwing her entire body weight at him. She was wriggling out of my arms and grinning hugely; she was so excited to see her daddy. It was like she had forgotten him during his absence and her teething struggles, and when she saw him she was overjoyed. She was pleasant the rest of the evening, like his very presence was balm to her suffering.

I'm so grateful my daughter has such a father.

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