Thursday, January 17, 2008

Family Prayer

I'm about to reveal that I am not a perfect person. Shocking, I know. I'm sure all of you reading this blog have long looked up to me as the example of the perfect woman and you all seek to emulate me.

However, even I have the need for repentance. Yes, I recognize my weakness. Humility, after all, is my greatest strength. ;)

Brent and I (oh no! I'm about to reveal his sins too. Hope he doesn't mind.) aren't the best at having regular family prayer. We pray over dinner, but that's the only time we are consistent. Why is this so hard for us? We are both good people who seek to be more righteous. (Well, I am. I'm not sure about Brent, considering his gambling problem.)So why the persistent struggle to do something that would strengthen our marriage, increase the Spirit in our home, bring us personal revelation, draw us closer to God, and improve our lives? We want to do it, but we fail so often.

Last weekend Brent & I were visiting his parents and they told us how they would always be confused about whose turn it was to pray with family prayer, praying over meals, etc. etc. Now they each take an entire day, one takes even numbered days and the other odd, to be in charge of praying or calling on someone to pray.

Brent and I just instituted the same practice. I have always just let Brent either pray or call on me. I don't think he realizes it, but lately he has called on me to pray every time for a week. Not that I mind. I just like hearing him pray too.

Brent and I both have a preference for odd numbers, so I didn't know who would end up being assigned to their preferred slot. Brent, wonderful husband that he is, graciously gave the odd numbered days to me. Now I know that is a minuscule gesture and may seem a strange thing for me to compose a blog entry about, but it was important to me. It was indicative of how Brent loves me and tries to give me the things that I want. It was a small gesture. But it was one of love, and that's not so very small after all, is it?

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