Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Food Storage

I feel a renewed and urgent need to work on my food storage. I received a strong impression to work on this last Spring. I have made the token effort here or there, but I haven't really gotten down to it. It's just so much work and so much planning. I have a couple of really good resources, and I know what to do, it's just doing it.

Right now I'm working on my 3 month supply. I'm trying to adapt my usual recipes to use shelf-stable ingredients, but as soon as I do that it no longer sounds appealing to me. I like to eat fresh, seasonal foods. Anyone got any good recipes to share? Anyone got a 3 month menu to share? Anyone interested in doing this with me?

If you are looking for a few good resources on food storage and emergency preparation, here are some I like:

  • "Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook" by Peggy Layton (My favourite resource. Very comprehensive, not just about food.)
  • "Emergency Food in a Nutshell" by Leslie D. Probert & Lisa L. Harkness (This has useful tables and tells you how much you need of what for however many people in your family.)
So let's get to it. Where are you on your food storage? What are you going to do this week to work on it?


Meg said...

Hello darling.. I have been working on this myself.. I worked for Emergency Essentials for 2 years and became pretty savvy with it.. I actually cook a few times a week using the Freeze dried foods so that I know exactly have to cook with them. I get a lot of recipes off but I have also created a lot of those recipes (they are mine from when I worked there). My biggest food storage tip for you is make sure you have a 72 hour kit that is pleantiful, with items you need next (stove, fuel, toilet seat, first aid, current clothes that fit you I could tell you more) Then every conference weekend, pull it out and eat the food in it (granola, jerky, fruit snacks) and replace it with new and update clothes and shoes sizes... this seems to help a TON!

Rebecca said...

Another great site with great food storage info is

Lynette said...

If you are interested in more info on Emergency Food in a Nutshell, they have a blog set up. The address is