Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Make-Believe Words

I was just leaving a comment on someone else's blog, and the word verification to input before submitting my post was "jwidgyy".



It feels like a real word to me, albeit a strange one. I love it! Can it be my new catch-phrase?

"That's so jwidgyy."
"Jwidgyy THAT!"
"You're such a jwidgyy."
"Jwidgyy THIS!"
"Let's go jwidgyy."
"I feel jwidgyy."

Can't you imagine all sorts of definitions for it?

Here are other words that are not words that I use:

Floopy: To feel slightly incoherent with accompanying dizziness, a sense of drunkenness, and general fuzziness of the brain and other faculties.

Gurgly-wurgly: To feel rumblings in you tummy and other general digestive upset.

Schmanki-han: What's up? How's it going? What are you up to? How are you? A general term for inquiring about someone's wellbeing.*

Schmanki: An abbreviation of "Schmanki-han." Kind of like "s'up" for "What's up?"*

Schmank: A derivation from "schmanki-han" that is used as a noun to greet the other person. Rather than asking "Schmanki-han?" (How are you?) you say "Hey Schmank" as a term of endearment. Only to be used with sisters or good friends with whom you have a close and joking relationship.*

Paduwan: I'm not certain of the spellings of this word, but it indicates a young Jedi in training. I refer to my baby as Paduwan, although when I began using this word I thought I had made it up as a random nickname. I don't remember who clarified the origins of this non-word for me, but I thought that the official definition is quite fitting for my wee one.

Do you have any non-words that are part of your vernacular? (And please, no words made up by the author J.K. Rowling, such as muggle, quidditch, snargaluff pod, etc. These I consider to be real words, although they are newly added to the lexicon.)

* Spellings and definitions are open for further clarification by the inventor of these words, a Ms. Emily Bailey. See for further illumination into the workings of her mind.

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Emily said...

I just got "parchelf" for one of those security non-words. I like it. Perhaps they are a breakoff group from the traditional house elves?

And now this thing is asking me to verify "nedroges." I can think of way too many ways to go with that one, so I will stop now.