Monday, October 6, 2008

Ode to Emma

She brought me chocolates when I was sick.

All my favourites did she pick.

Truffles: chocolate mint and key lime,

My savoring of them - sublime.

See's Candies are so delightful,

And make
all others seem just frightful.

A sister kind, thoughtful, and fun.

I praise her name! And now I'm done.

Seriously, though, I want to give a shout-out to my fantastic and stunning sister, Emma.

Emma and I are partners in pain. She gets it and can empathize with me better than anyone I know. Unfortunately, that ability comes from her own suffering. She understands that usually nothing can make me feel better physically, but the power of something to lift the spirit in the midst of illness is invaluable. I was sick a month or two ago, and she came to visit me bringing an offering of my favourite chocolates. What a sweetie!

She announced recently that she's expecting her first baby - yea!! She is going to make such a good mommy. Not only is she loving and thoughtful and kind and sweet and empathetic, she is also creative and hilarious and interesting. I wish I was like her.

Here she is as Super Auntie with her cute husband and my Baby Jenny. Doesn't she look like a natural? Soon she will be Super Mommy.
Love you Emma!


Emily said...

you are so nice to me! and i wish i was like you. your poetry is far superior. and look how little BJ is! too bad kevin and i both had our alien faces on that day.

when shall we rich? i'm still craving it...

Maren said...

You don't look like an alien. You look beautiful. Kevin, however, does look a little drunk.

Jennifer and Nathan said...

How are you getting an update on your most visited blog list?