Sunday, October 26, 2008

Primary Program

Today was the Primary Program in my ward. I have the luck of being the Primary Chorister, so I got to help with the madness.

Yesterday was our final practice and pancake party.The children got to put an assortment of toppings on the pancakes before devouring them. Some of their options were mini chocolate chips, Halloween sprinkles, maraschino cherries, whipped cream, syrup, marshmallows, toasted coconut, etc. It sounds disgusting to me, but the kids really enjoyed it.

During the practice I had Brent be my assistant. I gave him a helium balloon with a really long ribbon. I told the children that the balloon would float higher the louder they sang. If they sang too loud, it would hit the ceiling. If they weren't singing loud enough, it would sink. They had so much fun watching that balloon. We have a really high vaulted ceiling in our chapel, so they tried hard to sing it to the top.

On one of our songs the teachers sing a verse by themselves. While they were singing they all had their eyes on their music, rather than on me or the balloon. Brent started pulling the balloon lower and lower. Pretty soon all the children were snickering, and as soon as they joined the adults, the balloon shot right back up.

Today they did as well as I could have hoped. They were adorable of course, and just enough things went wrong to be funny for the congregation and make it not only spiritual, but entertaining as well.

I'm so glad it's over and I get to finally teach some new songs!

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Steph Wynder said...

And, for those reading this blog not in our ward (I am in the primary presidency), Maren was too modest to mention that our kids sang 13 different songs (2 with sign language and one in Portuguese) in our 45 minute program which I think must be a record. We are the luckiest/most blessed primary in the world to have Maren - I know other primary presidencies who would cut off their right arm to have someone like Maren doing music in their primary!