Saturday, June 13, 2009

All Wet!

Jenny was sitting in her high chair eating ritz crackers with soynut butter and a big glass of soy milk.

I was sitting in the office working on the computer.

Suddenly I heard a gleeful voice shout out "Alllll Wet!"

I went to see what happened, and she had managed to get the lid off her sippy cup and had poured the milk all over her shirt, her lap, her tray, and the floor. We're talking one of the biggest messes she's ever made, and that's quite a lot for a two year old.

I tried to give her a stern look and she gave me a remorseful one. After about 1.3 seconds of this remorseful expression her face slowly slid into the most impish grin I've ever seen her wear. It was as though she was saying "I know I did something wrong and I'm supposed to feel bad about that, but IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!"

I busted up laughing, which made her laugh, and we both just giggled for a few minutes. As I cleaned it up she said in a voice that was a pretty good imitation of my disciplinarian tone "No NO Jenny."

The giggles resumed.

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