Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday for James

Today at church I was asked many times, by many people, in varying degrees of politeness when this baby is going to be born and how well I am enduring my condition.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments made to me today.

"Maren, you're still pregnant!" (Honestly, how am I supposed to respond to that? Should I say "Who told you?" or "Really? I hadn't noticed." or "Well spotted, sir.")

"Maren, you're huge!"

"Maren, what are you still doing here?"

"When are you going to have that baby?" (This one was said with a rather accusatory tone, as though I am not doing my motherly duty and need to be called to repentance.)

"How are you hanging in there?" (Said with a sympathetic look and head-tilt, as though asking when my unendurable torture will be lifted from me.)

"You don't even look pregnant from behind." (Thanks for looking, Mr. Cheeky.)

"You look amazing."

"You are the cutest pregnant lady."

"Why haven't they induced you yet?"

"You look ready to pop!" (Honestly, can't people come up with something more original? How about "you look ready to combust" or "explode" or "burst" or "blow"?)

"Oh just go get cut open. It's so much easier."

So my official due date is this Wednesday, July 1. I could write a dissertation about how due dates are arbitrary and inaccurate, but I'll spare you.

Taking into consideration that I was induced with Jenny when I was more than a week overdue, I don't think James will make his debut this week. It's of course possible, but I just don't feel it happening yet.

Brent votes for 4th of July (because he's very patriotic) or the 7th (because 7-7 would be a cool birthday, and it's his dad's birthday). I don't really have a preference. I kind of don't want it to be on the 4th, because I wouldn't want my birthday to compete with a holiday, so why would I want my son's birthday to have to compete? Seriously, he's going to be the most handsome, talented, intelligent, amazing boy ever born, so I don't want something as insignificant as our freedom and independence to overshadow his birth.

I figure he'll get here when he's ready. At least, that's how I feel today. Ask me again in a few days. :)


Emily said...
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Emily said...

I got: "You look cute for being pregnant."

Translation: "You don't look cute."

Alternate translation: "Your bloated face, swollen ankles and huge behind look nice today. And the makeup stain on your stomach you don't know about is lovely."


Gentrey said...

When pregnant with Porter, I got the "you're still here?" Sad thing is, I still had 2 months to go. I stopped going to church 3 weeks before my due date because my skirt didn't fit anymore and I was sick of people staring at my stomach.....and no I wasn't being paranoid.

Stupid people.

But you really do look cute. At least you do in your picture.:)

Also, don't have him on the 4th (or the 3rd) because his birthday really will compete with all of the 4th of July celebrations. Although, when I was little, I used to think the fireworks were especially for me. Now people just forget my birthday because of their 4th of July plans. I feel so loved. But I'm not bitter or anything. :)