Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Camera

So my camera has been dead for quite a while now, which is one of the reasons I haven't posted any pictures in a long time. (That, and the fact that I'm too lazy to upload pictures when typing my thoughts is so much quicker.)

Anyway, with a new baby that could be born anytime in the next 5 weeks, we figured it was time to invest in a new one.

I'd love to have a nice SLR and learn how to use it, but alas I just got a point-and-shoot. Maybe learning how to use a proper camera will be on my next 101 list.

In other electronic purchasing news, I think Brent may be buying a flatscreen television right now.

What with television going digital, we are prepared to lose our reception. We are not even remotely interested in signing up for DirectTV or any other service. In fact I wouldn't mind losing television completely. However, Brent has wanted a flatscreen for a while and this is the excuse to do it now. Besides, Jenny would miss PBS Kids. I don't think there's really anything on television that I will miss much.

Anyhoo, we priced out flatscreens today at a few places. Brent then dropped me off at home while he went to get his haircut. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will return with shorter hair and a really big box. Perhaps several. Because once you get the flatscreen you have to get the surround sound system to go with it, right?

I told Brent that I feel about surround sound the same way he feels about bedroom furniture. Well, I got the furniture, so I guess I should be prepared for surround sound in my future.

Oh, and don't forget the blueray player. Of course, we don't own any blueray discs. But we might someday in the future, and since they'll play our dvds, we've just got to get one.

Little James doesn't need that money to be contributed to a 529 this year, right? I mean, he probably won't be as smart or motivated as Jenny anyway, so we won't need to save for his college education. I'm sure he'll appreciate a flatscreen much more than a degree. And if he does want to go to college, maybe Jenny will turn all emo on us and get pregnant at 16 and drop out of school. Then we can just roll her 529 funds over to James and we're still covered.

Yeah. Flatscreen is a much better investment. At least you know you can count on it being there for you. At least for about 5 years until some new technology comes out, anyway.

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Jennifer and Nathan said...

Forget the TV and get the SLR!