Friday, June 19, 2009

Photos, Finally!

I'm happy to have received my new camera in the mail yesterday. Now I can resume taking photos of my beautiful daughter and my soon-to-arrive son.

I'm still trying to figure out its functions, so I've been taking a bunch of pictures around the house. Here's what's going on in the Jensen household today:

Annie brought a bunch of old beanie babies over. They were destined either for a kid who could appreciate them or the trash. Jenny was thrilled. We had a fun time lining them all up and identifying all the different animals.

Here is Brent's most recent superfluous purchase (52" flatscreen, simulated surround sound system that has yet to be mounted, and a blueray player). He asked me this morning if he's going to get a Father's Day present. I told him no, but that I'd be happy to tie a big bow around his flatscreen if it made him feel better.

And here I am at 38 weeks pregnant. I just found out that Little James has turned posterior. So I'll be doing inversions and belly-lifting for the next while to see if we can get him to turn back around.

In other pregnancy news, I am GBS- and Rh+. For those of you who don't know what that is, don't worry about it. For those of you who do, yea for me! These are just two other things I don't have to worry about so that I can focus the birth and not worry about possible complications.
At my prenatal appointment this week my midwife asked about my last birthing experience. (Induction: pitocin failed, artificial rupture of membranes, 2 hours of "holy crap, this is intensely awful and hellish", 45 minutes of pushing, beautiful girl sans cone-head arrived.) My midwife said that since last time was so fast (esp. as an induction, which usually slows labors down) she wants me to call her as soon as I've had two contractions that "get my attention" so I can get to her in time. I plan on calling as soon as things get going, because this mama does not want to have a baby in a vehicle.
I wasn't able to go into labor naturally last time, so I'm not sure what to expect. But that's part of the adventure, n'est pas?


Lissa said...

you and Jenny both look beautiful :)

We are HamakerLove! said...

I am sooooo excited to see which of us "pops" first! I hope your experience this time is all you could hope for and more! My second labor was much more blissful.:)

shelley said...

lol on the tv bow