Saturday, June 20, 2009

Park Play

I took my camera to the park yesterday and snapped a few pictures of my husband and daughter to try and figure out some of its features. On a bunch of the pictures I get a weird halo/aura/bright spot. Not sure what's that about. Is the camera defective or am I?

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Jennifer and Nathan said...

yea, I noticed the fuzziness with the beanie babies picture. Maybe a smudge on the lens? Do you notice anything as you look through the view finder?

I don't think it's part of your official package of "Bells and Whistles". I'd have someone look at it.

Cute photos, though! Has Jenny already singled out a favorite Beanie Baby or was that selection random?

shelley said...

that spot seems to be in the same place in a lot of the photos. If it's not on the lens it might be internally on the lens somewhere and maybe somebody at Inkley's could take it apart. Or since it's brand new you could just send it back and get a new one. If you need to borrow a camera in the meantime you can use mine.

Jana said...

the halo looks like a two year old might have stuck a greasy finger on the lens... we get that at our house a lot. cute pictures! Jenny is getting SO big and she is so pretty.

Quixotequest said...

Here's another possibility: if you hold your hand close to the lens, even if not obscuring it, when the sunlight or flash reflects off your skin then it will cause a reflective haze. However, if you're sure you don't hold your hand near the lens then Shelley is probably right: if you don't see any smudges on the outside of the lens you likely have something on the lens inside.

Cuteness! Cuteness! is my lil' Jenny.