Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Apple and the Tree Part II

I have heard reports from my mother that as a child I screamed in my sleep. I only recall two specific epithets being described to me.

Get down, Jip! (Jip was our beloved yet counter-jumping dog who loved to steal forbidden food.)


I hate you! (With the occasional variation of I hate you, Davy!)

Apparently tantrums weren't enough of a release, and so I had to purge myself during unconscious hours too.

Jenny does the same.

Usually her exclamations are something like No! NO! NOOOO! or I WANT it! or STOP IT!

She wakes me up usually twice a night, sometimes more, with her screaming. I used to go in her room to see what the problem was. Then I realized she was asleep. Now I try to ignore it. But it's hard. It wrenches a mother's heart.

My poor overemotional girl. Just like a true toddler.

Just like a true girl.

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