Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Portrait of Jenny

My dear friend Jenn is a professional artist and she has done the most beautiful portrait of her son. It inspired me to ask her to do one of Jenny. She came over and took some pictures of Jenny to gather inspiration for the portrait. She did a couple sketches for me to help me decide what I'd like.

I'd like all of you to weigh in on this for me. You all know me and know Jenny. What do you think would be best? Please vote in the poll in the sidebar.

Option #1: Mother and Daughter. I love the way this captures the relationship, and think it would make a beautiful painting. However, I do already have some photographs of me like this with her, though admittedly most of them are when she was an infant and not a toddler. It would show more detail of her face than the next one.

Option #2: Jenny and Bear. I think this one shows her personality a little more, and I love her posture and the way she drags that bear around. This one would be more of her profile, which I have to admit I love.

What do you think?


Mama B said...

I voted, but here is why I choose Jenny and Bear. I think it really captures a moment in childhood, and would be a special memory that someday may become a family heirloom.

Susan said...

I want one of each.