Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sappy Mama

My son has the sweetest smile I've ever seen. It takes up half his face. It bursts forth like a ray of light and happiness. It makes my heart just melt!

Now I know that sounds totally cliche, but it's true! Whenever he smiles I literally have this sensation in my chest like my innards are turning to jelly. He bowls me over every time. I love that kid.

Yesterday my daughter told me "I love you, Mama." for the first time without prompting. She'll tell me she loves me if I ask her to, but this was of her own volition. :) It was a sweet thing to hear.

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Jennifer & Nathan Kay said...

I read somewhere, some time ago, that a child's smile triggers a natural high for a mom. How fun to have your own little opiates growing in your home!

Although, I've seen James' smile and it does tend to melt one's heart.