Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Colours

The vibrancy and crispness of the outdoors during Autumn always thrills me. Who doesn't love it? And crunching leaves beneath my feet? Delightful!

I think it's somehow God's gift to us to make up for the dreariness that is soon to follow. We know that soon everything will be brown, grey, cold, and nasty. For months. And then a couple more months.

Could God possibly be saying "I know you all suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. So sorry about that, but natural laws must be obeyed and whatnot. Perhaps one last bash before the grey settles over your life, hmm?"

Yesterday it snowed. The decline and fall of beauty has begun. I wished to hold on to the colour just a little while longer, but alas, natural laws must be obeyed. The earth must rotate. The seasons must change. The gloom is inevitable.

Memories of Fall colours and hopes of Spring life serve to sustain me during the winter. True, I have the holidays to look forward to, but those last only through the first couple months of winter. It's January - March that make you want to abandon your life and responsibilities and run away to Belize.

Anyone want to come along? Let's leave January 2nd.

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Lissa said...

The thing I learned to appreciate most about Utah winters while I was living in California is the bright blue sky. In CA it rained for months. It was never very cold, and the flowers bloomed all year, but the sky was gray and sad. At least our skies will be blue... until January... Book it. I'm coming to Belize.