Monday, October 19, 2009


I've been reflecting on the things I need to change in my life and things I need to give up.

I need to give up Halloween candy.

I need to give up some of the time I spend online.

I need to give up complaining.

I need to give up the idea that I am the way I am and am incapable of change.

Once I give up those things I need to replace them with positive things.

Eliminating negative things/thoughts/behaviors from our lives isn't good enough. They need to be supplanted. In their place we need to substitute positive things, positive thoughts, and positive behaviors.

If every time I went to grab a piece of Halloween candy I did 50 jumping jacks instead and drank a glass of water, not only would I avoid the extra calories from the candy, but I'd rev up my metabolism to burn a few more than I would have otherwise.

If I gave up some of the time I spend online and spent it instead on reading the scriptures or in personal prayer, I would have an added measure of the Spirit to guide me and sustain me throughout my day, helping me avoid temptation and encouraging me to do good.

If every time I found the need to complain about something I chose to find something to be grateful for instead, I would have a greater measure of happiness in my life.

If I give up the idea that I'm incapable of change and instead truly believe that change is possible then I am facilitating my own change. If I truly believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ, and his redeeming atonement, then I must believe in the power and possibility of change. If we couldn't change, then His sacrifice would have been meaningless. Having faith in Him means having faith in my own ability to change, for it is through His power that I can be changed.


Jennifer & Nathan Kay said...

Don't change too much; I like you just the way you are!

BTW, I'm back and ready to walk on Wednesday 9:30!

Emily said...

well put and just what i needed to hear.

shelley said...

One of the ideas I got at my recent writers' conference was to keep a gratitude notebook. It doesn't have to be a journal, it doesn't have to be a perfect entry each time. But every day write down something you are grateful for. Some days you might need to think of something general. But most days you can think of something that happened that day that you ae grateful for and turn it into an entry. Like when I'm complaining about cleaning the toilet, I can think: I'm grateful I have a toilet and don't have to use an outhouse. Yea for toilets! Let's make it clean and shiny!

JaeReg said...

Matt has issues with denying the notion we are capable of change. The "I guess that's just the way I am" syndrome is the antithesis of being a changeable disciple of Christ.
We are disciples of Christ.
We are capable of change.
Sometimes the change is almost imperceptible.
But it is there...and your efforts are inspiring.