Thursday, October 15, 2009

Positive Reinforcement

Jenny is watching Super Why!, a PBS Kids show that she loves. This show is completely responsible for teaching her the alphabet. It was effective enough that she could identify all 26 letters at 18 months old.

From the television I heard Wonder Red, who has WORD POWER ask "What letter makes the errr sound?"

I responded "R!"

Jenny followed up with "Good job, Mommy!"

Later on I heard Super Why with the POWER TO READ ask "What would help Spider not frighten Miss Muffet away? Bark at, smile at, or yell at?"

I shouted "smile at!"

Super Why said "Let's try smile at."

Jenny said "Good job, Mommy!"

I felt so good. It's a nice feeling to get encouragement and positive reinforcement from someone you love, even if it comes from a two year old.

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