Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Need . . .

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Go to your favourite search engine and type "(your first name) needs", and post the first five things that come up.

Brent needs to examine his self-proclaimed godly status.
Brent needs direction.
Brent needs oiling. (what?)
Brent needs to examine his fixation with male homosexuality and ask himself why he finds it so threatening.
Brent needs to jam to some Neil Diamond.

Maren needs individuals or small business owners who are ready to discover who they really are and what makes them unique.
Maren needs to do more work laying out the Bush administration part of her argument.
Maren needs social interaction, but too much stimulation could cause her to withdraw.
Maren needs to see her work in full splendor.
Maren needs different partners for different reasons.

Jenny needs to find herself a baller.
Jenny needs a Wee by Mr. Jingles.
Jenny needs a road bike.
Jenny needs space!
Jenny needs your help.

James needs a hat petition.
James needs a celebrity profile.
James needs to work a miracle.
James needs an agent.
James needs special effects.

Loki needs to review his customer base.
Loki needs a home!
Loki needs a server.
Loki needs a new agent.
Loki needs cold temperatures to maintain his existence.

Okay, this probably entertained me much more than it did you, but try it yourself and you'll laugh at some of the stuff that comes up.

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shelley said...

thank you, thank you for many laughs. I like Brent's #1, your #3, Jenny's #2, James' #4, and Loki's #5.

I experienced many more laughs while creating my own (see my new family blog).