Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Little Family

A couple of weeks ago Brent walked Jenny home from church. I had brought my car that day, even though I only live down the street a bit, because I had a bunch of things to carry for my lesson. After our meetings, Jenny did not want to get in the car. So she and Brent went off down the street together, hand in hand.

As I passed them in my car I saw the cutest sight. I ran into my house to grab my camera, and doubled back behind them. Here's the shot. It doesn't do the moment justice, as I am no photographer and my camera is a piece of junk, but you'll get the idea.


Dirk 'n Juli said...
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Dirk 'n Juli said...

Oh so cute! Jenny is a little darling! When you guys gonna come visit us? Do we need to bribe you with brisket?:)

Friel Family said...

I think that picture is darling! There's nothing like seeing a daddy with his little girl. :)

Susan said...

Oh, I think you DID capture the moment and it tugs at my heartstrings. He is so tall, and she is so small. And that little beret! You need to post a close-up of her face in that.

Jennifer and Nathan said...

So, I too saw that darling scene after church and thought, "Man, I really need to carry my camera with me!" How funny that you took this picture! It would make a GREAT painting!

I miss you too! I'll call soon...I've had a busy couple weeks. Book group is at my house this week (thurday, 8pm) if you want to come. I'm working on this painting of Logan (it's been my outlet) and am trying to finish it so I can display it on Thursday since right now my walls are bare.

Anyway, talk to you soon!