Monday, March 23, 2009

A Memory

I was recently reminded of an event in my youth that I wanted to write down before I forget it forever.

When I was a big kid/young teenager (not sure exactly) I was sitting in church between my dad and my brother, Matt. We were sitting on the front row of the chapel overflow, so most of the congregation was in front of us, but there were three or so rows of people sitting behind.

Matt was being a typical brother, poking me and whatnot. I had my legs crossed and was swinging the top leg, letting my slip-on shoe dangle from my toe. Matt grabbed my side to tickle me, my leg reflexively shot out, and my shoe went straight up in the air, rising at least ten feet. My father didn't miss a beat; he stood up, caught the shoe, sat back down, and handed it to me. It couldn't have been choreographed more perfectly.

Immediately the woman sitting directly behind us started cracking up, but no one else had seen it.


Jennifer and Nathan said...

That is a great story! One for the books!

Susan said...

Who was the woman?

Menner said...

Jeanne Perkins

shelley said...

You'd have to know Dad to know why this scene is so funny. Even though I wasn't there I can see it so clearly in my mind!